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The history of the company started with one unexpected meeting.

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Our Story

Dave, a successful businessman and a generation-rooted young man used to spend his summer holidays in his grandfather’s village house. The house was a piece of architecture built at the beginning of the past century, surrounded by endless green fields. The bright and warm sunrises were depicted in Dave’s memory from the early childhood. They were as memorable and strong as grandfather James’s image of a hero that surprised his grandsons with the enlarging fields and growing green horizons. James was a successful farmer that has always fought for the rights and welfare of the farmers by creating various farmer NGOs aimed to make farmers’ lives easier and grow to a level upper.

The image of grandfather James was so calling and bright that Dave, being a qualified financier, was eager not only to continue grandpa’s work but also turn it into a successful business project. Dave started with the networking built during the collage years at the Cork Institute of Technology. Various gatherings, plans, ideas generated and among them the destiny meeting with Mike during one of the usual visits to the farm. Mike used to work at Farmers’ House Community and this becomes the start of the fund aimed to promote the projects that would use modern technologies to develop and utilize farmer goods.

It’s been already 10 years that James rests in peace but Dave not only visits grandfather’s farm like in childhood but implements grandpa’s ideas into a big projects.

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